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uchū botanical • relating to the universe of plants

UCHŪ BOTANICAL made it's debut December 2018 with the intention to share a deep journey of listening and healing with plants. 

UCHŪ BOTANICAL is honored to be offering a collection of flower essences to support the emotional body. With the use of water, sunlight and the flowering part of a plant, the energetics and healing vibration of the flower’s signature is imprinted in the water. Flower essences contain subtle energies that will support the emotional aspects of oneself bringing about emotional wellbeing, inner balance. Each flower essence addresses a different aspect of our emotions and offers therapeutic benefits to facilitate healing, Flower essences are gentle and can safely be used by anyone (children, adults, seniors, animals)  My little guy and I have been to using flower essences consistently over the the past few years and they have offered profound support through some challenging shifts.  


UCHŪ BOTANICAL essences are mindfully made using the living or direct method with local, wild or medicinal pollinator garden blooms, fresh spring water, sunlight (occasionally moonlight), love and healing intentions.

See the collection below and email for requests.

.5 oz dropper bottles $15 + $11 shipping fee

*PLEASE NOTE: All requests received by Sunday evenings will be processesd on Mondays and shipped out via priority mail on Tuesdays. Thank you for your patience from this one woman apothecary.

 GRACE borage (borago officinalis) flower essence

*brings courage and optimism *uplifting and encouraging *emotionally cleanses and rebalances *supports change and transformation *restores faith *helps one with “the blues” * relieves physical, emotional and spiritual heaviness *helps honor and integrate deeper feelings of grief, loss and depression *helps one dislodge long held grief, anger, hurt * invites in lightness and possibility


CONNECTION sweet pea (lathyrus odoratus) flower essence

*enhances one's sense of belonging *supports one who finds it difficult to be accepted by others *cultivates a sense of one’s place on earth and in community with others *helps harness your unique gifts you have to share... This special essence was made during a mid-summer pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta to pray with the sacred water. The sweet peas were growing wild everywhere! They were pretty much screaming (In the sweet little voice of a three year old) “me! me! me! see me!” This essence was captured just before the trailhead of Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir 


CLARITY lemon blossom essence

*brings clarity of thought *nourishes mental fatigue *removes mental blocks *brings forth decisiveness *dissolves congested energy *invites crisp, clear thinking  This essence was captured at the height of spring right in my very own Oakland backyard sanctuary  The beauty of essences is that the body will only make use of the energy within the essence if it is appropriate. It reminds the body and brings it back to its natural state of balance 


LUMINOUS: mexican marigold (tagetes lemmonii) /citrine essence 

*helps one tap into the energy and warmth of the sun *connects one to joy,happiness and their inner light *connects one to ancestral energies *increases one’s intuitive power *helps one feel, accept and release grief and lodged energy from trauma *helps one release jealousy *helps transmute negative energy *helps one honor the ending of things that no longer serve the greatest good *supports longevity and stamina *energizes and balances the solar plexus *opens one to owning their personal power *aids in manifestation *supports the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form A most bright and shiny new moon essence blend to support as we move closer to the darkest day of the year & winter months ahead


ATTUNE: skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora) flower essence:

*integrates the spirit with the body *keeps the spirit tethered to the physical body during out of body journeying *disassembles old patterns *helps integrate the energy from other healing modalities *relieves stress, anxiety, inability to cope with life *supports overcoming substance addictions and assists in understanding the cause of such cravings *calms nerves *dissolves self-critique *supports self- acceptance ,self-forgiveness, self nurturance  *puts one back in-touch with identity *alleviates deterioration of nervous system *supports the crown chakra


CREATRESS- wild iris flower essence:

*clear, strong, direct expression *cultivates inner freedom *reveals fullest expression of identity *promotes spiritual growth and self-realization *inspires creativity *connects one to inner radiance (solar chakra) *supports one in reaching new heights (crown chakra) *aligns one to the path of art and creativity *unblocks old patterns of self-limitation *dislodges and washes away stagnant energy *allows creative energy to flow freely *turns negativity into beauty *connects one to an overflowing and abundant source of energy *allows one to connect to the natural flow and rhythm of life *supports one in accessing life’s everyday magic *aligns one to their creative process with their unique divine purpose


SACRED WALK -tobacco (nicotiana rustica) flower essence:

*supports one in cultivating productive live ways *brings depth and meaning to all things great and small *beings one to the present moment while recognizing and accepting the past *fosters self-acceptance and inner peace *helps one in accepting their personal growth process *allows for the release of addiction *allows one to face their shadows *helps break negative cycles of depression, pessimism, despair, irritability *brings one balance and harmony in life *brings integrity and clarity in making decisions *opens the path for good things to enter one’s life


HEART BLOOM huachuma/san pedro cactus (echinopsis pachanoi)

flower essence:

*invites in grace when moving through a healing journey *dislodges discord and brings it to ones awareness *cleanses & clears the heart making space for one to experience more love and beauty through all the senses *brings love to the surface with sweetness & beauty  *opens one to receive the blessings of the present moment *activates the heart and third eye *heart centered compassion *allows intentions to unfold with more clarity *allows spiritual gifts to bloom *awakens one to oneness with the natural world (trees, plants, flowers, water..)


SOL FIRE dandelion (taraxacum officinale) flower essence:

activates the third chakra/ solar chakara *attunes one to the essence of the sun *ignites inner fire *assists one in setting a course of action *allows one to harness will power and stamina to cultivate individual needs, desires, interests *supports one in prioritizing personal needs before tending to others *release guilt and worry *charges life force bringing physical energy to a sluggish state of being *brings ease and balance in areas of work & play *eases mental and physical tension when one feels strain or struggle *helps release emotional tension stored in the physical body *nurtures the ability to relax and unwind *supports one in taking responsibility for one’s life  *brings enthusiasm for self-care & rejuvenation practices 


REVIVAL aloe (aloe arborescens) flower essence:

*balances, harmonizes, restores, rejuvenates, renews the physical and emotional body *calms and soothes inflamed emotions *cultivates patience and surrender to any healing process, healing crisis or growth period *allows one to lean into life lessons while balancing protection & trust *provides protection for vulnerable emotions and ones spirit *elevates energy level and boosts immunity when one is overextended and overworked *activates creative expression *allows for creative flow *restores fiery enthusiasm *reignites souls passion & warmth of spirit 


RESILIENCE scarlet pineapple sage (salvia elegans) flower essence

*offers grounding, centering, protection *restores joy, innocence, playfulness *activates vital, abundant life force bringing more energy to your physical and spiritual body *supports one through an intense growth period *brings harmony and balance to ones natural evolution *supports one in being more present and find delight in the small things *shifts emotional heaviness and brings a lightness of being *supports one in adapting to situations that are more demanding than usual *brings flexibility and grace in ones approach to the unexpected *stimulates ones new growth cycle with resiliency, vitality and optimism


HALO white yarrow (achillea millefolium) flower essence

*creates a luminous shield of light *provides a halo of protection for vulnerable and highly sensitive beings *builds emotional strength and fortitude protecting one from others negative vibes and issues *helps one maintain clear emotional boundaries *helps clear ones energetic field of static and fatigue *helps dissolve toxic and negative energies *protects one from energetic parasites *clears and strengthens one's auric field *supports one in accessing their own natural clarity and vitality *balances and revitalizes energy from overuse of computers, cell phones and busy urban settings

EQUILIBRIUM blue passion flower (passiflora caerulea) flower essence 

*calms the nervous system *supports healthy sleep patterns *promotes peace, balance, tranquility, clarity and spiritual connection *supports one in meditation and cultivating spiritual practices *root to rise- allows for root chakra to crown chakra alignment *balances being calm and grounded with joyful expansion *helps bring equilibrium to the heart and the mind, mental analysis and intuition, critical thinking and daydreaming  *expands our consciousness and supports spiritual illumination and insight *connects us to our higher self, the divine within and without *brings curiosity to the mundane *activates spiritual gifts 


CALM german chamomile (matricaria chamomilla) & selenite essence
*releases tension in the solar plexus/ stomach area *softens hypersensitivity to irritants (sound, touch, environment) *soothes nervous tension and promotes a calm, serene disposition *brings peace, serenity, emotional balance and stability *calms the inner storm and brings the clear, bright sunlight *clears away confusion & harmonizes inner light *creates a connection to one's highest self-illumination


REMEMBRANCE rosemary (salvia rosmarinus) flower essence
*refreshes mind, body and spirit *clearing, cleansing and protective *boosts mental vitality *sharpens capacity to remember *supports with dream recall & dispels nightmares *allows for full bodied presence and warmth  *enhances self-awareness and helps us to remember who we are *reunites us with our body in this life and in community with others *reminds us of our connection to all *brings forth remembrance of our ancestral lineage * brings us in touch with the divine feminine, the divine mother, unconditional love *allows one to open the heart and feel the feels facilitating a deeper healing 


EMBODIED red bush monkey flower (mimulus aurantiacus var. puniceus) flower essence

*actives the root (earth connection, grounding, safety) and sacral (pleasure, sexuality, creativity) chakra *opens one to experience warmth, sensuality, intimacy *supports one in affirming and expressing their true sexuality *allows one be present with others with a full-heart and more vulnerability *supports one with emotional repression of anger and fear *assists one in opening to unwavering trust  *unveils the power in the sweetness and simplicity of love *assists one in birthing unconditional love and expressing self love *allows one to pulse with the frequencies of the earth and bloom with celebratory passion and vitality


PACK LIGHT white yarrow, german chamomile & selenite, 

huachuma/san pedro cactus, mexican marigold & citrine essence blend

*supports one in dislodging, cleansing, clearing, dissolving, releasing and transmuting negative energy, grief, trauma, stuck patterns, emotional baggage *invites in AND allows one to emanate a luminous shield of light, warmth, joy, peace, calm, love and sweetness *activates, awakens, harmonizes and balances the solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown chakras *allows one to step more fully into their personal power, expansively live from their hearts truth with illuminated clarity & vision, giving more space for spiritual gifts to bloom


WISDOM BODY- pink magnolia/ rose quartz  - magnolia x soulangiana 

*connects one to an ancient body of wisdom *roots one in the wisdom of the body *connects one to their matrilineal lineage  *activates ones ovaries & womb/ creation/ creativity *allows for a deeper connection to the divine feminine within *allows for the feminine, intuitive nature to lead *allows one to surrender and integrate the shift from one life stage to another (maiden, mother, crone/ menstruation to menopause)  *dissolves the protective armor around ones heart *allows the heart space to thaw and gently open *supports a warm, tender heart space to give and receive unconditional love, compassion, peace


         .5 oz dropper bottle $15 + shipping

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