celebrating (((8))) years with matcha rose mylk!

Celebrating 8 years of inspiring, educating and empowering through WHOLISTIC SHINE with one of my favorites, MATCHA ROSE MYLK!

matcha rose mylk with born of two of my most favorite super nourishing plant based ingredients, MATCHA & ROSE!

matcha green tea powder has amazing mood elevating qualities *is alkaline and packed with antioxidants *boosts metabolism, burns calories, detoxifies the body *calms and relaxes *aids in concentration *rich in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium *fights against viruses and bacteria *rich in fiber, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar and raise insulin levels *good caffeine alternative to coffee *provides the body with just the right amount of caffeine over a longer period of time rather than dumping a huge amount of caffeine into the body all at once.

rose scent boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength *can be very helpful relieving anxiety and depression. *serves as a natural aphrodisiac and can arouse & boost libido. rose essence is linked with the energies of love *awakens a greater love for healing *soothes and balances the heart and can facilitate greater expressions of love. rose petals are cooling but enhances the digestive fire * is anti-inflammatory in the GI tract *balances hormones creating overall wellbeing

matcha rose mylk

* 2 cups homemade almond mylk (see 'got mylk?') blog post

* 3 large pitted dates (or 6 small pitted dates)

* 1 1/2- 2 tsp. matcha powder

* 2 Tbs. dried organic rose petals

* 1/8 tsp. vanilla bean powder

* tiny pinch of sea salt

*add all ingredients to vitamix. blend until smooth. pour into glass jars and chill in frige until ready to consume

makes approx 20 ounces. multiply ingredients for more servings YES!!!, you will definitely want to make more if you plan on sharing. hehe!

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