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let's wrap


I LOVE wraps!

Many countries around the world feature various delicious wraps as part of their cuisine and I love them all!...Lumpia, spring rolls, samosa, shawarma, falafel, roti, dolmas, empenadas, crepes, sushi… and the list goes on. Something about all the textures, flavors and sauces all contained in one neat (sometimes messy) compartment satisfies more than my tastebuds. It only stands to reason that I would bring this love for wraps into my raw creations…often! Let's wrap!!!!

The Outside:

*collard leaf

*chard leaf

* butter leaf lettuce

* cabbage leaf

* nori seaweed sheet

* ‘paleo wrap’ (dehydrated coconut sheet) by Julian Bakery

* ‘veggie wrapper’ by easy Living foods

The Inside:

* lettuce

* sunflower sprouts

* alfalfa sprouts

* mung bean sprouts

* grated carrots

*grated cabbage

* seasoned nut “meat” crumble (walnut, pumpkin or sunflower seed)

* cucumber

* avocado

* tomato

* avocado

* mint

* cliantro

* raw kraut

* mango

* green onion……

It’s all about the sauce, cream, pate’… : (spread thicker sauce inside the wrap or use thinner sauce for dipping)

* raw pesto (see blog archives)

* raw hummus

* raw cashew cream (lemon parsley, cilantro, chipotle) (see blog archives)

* raw tahini dressing

Building the perfect wrap

The wraps below continue to be in constant rotation, use these suggestions of build your own. Choose an outside, insides and a sauce.

Layer as desired. Note: the seaweed and paleo coconut wraps are fairly delicate, when layering do not layer with the sauce (cream or pate’) first.

Nori Wrap-

nori wrap_edited.jpg

*dried nori seaweed *green leaf lettuce *sunflower sprouts *cucumber *shredded carrot avocado *cashew cream or pesto *raw kraut (ginger beet) *bamboo sushi roller

Layering: 1 sheet seaweed, 1 lettuce leaf, spread cream or pesto over leaf, sliced cucumber, avocado, kraut, sprouts. Roll with sushi roller and seal with wet fingers. Slice in half and in half again. Enjoy!

Spring Roll-

spring roll_edited.jpg

* ‘paleo wrap’ *mung bean sprouts *cucumber *green leaf lettuce *mango *avocado *mint leaves *cilantro *zesty lemon parsley cashew cream

Layering: place 1 paleo wrap sheet, 1 lettuce leaf, spread cashew cream over lettuce leaf, sliced cucumber, avocado, mung bean sprouts, cilantro, mango, mint. Roll wrap. Seal with wet fingers. Slice in half. Enjoy!

Collard Taco Wrap- * collard leaf *lettuce *tomato *avocado *mini bell pepper * nut “meat” crumble *cilantro cashew cream

Layering: 1 collard leaf, chopped lettuce, nut “meat” crumble, avocado, tomato, bell pepper, sprinkle sea salt. Roll. Enjoy!

collard wrap.jpg

BE CREATIVE! Add YOUR Favorite Ingredients! ENJOY!

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