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'get your shine on' feat. Bethanie Hines

'get your shine on', a monthly highlight of community mentors, artists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators.... a peek into their lives, their wellness practices/rituals and how they 'get their shine on'

name: Bethanie Hines

who are you?

I am a mother, a wife, a yogi, a seeker, a student of life, a lover, an observer, a photographer, a manifester, an artist, a businesswoman, a woman who feels deeply. I am always changing and LOVE is what inspires me. On my 30th birthday, my gift to myself, was to start my own photography business, in November it will be 8 years. I absolutely love what I do. I am a relatively new mother and wife and my current dance is finding balance between it all.

what are your personal wellness practices/rituals?

1. At the beginning of the year I write out my goals and intentions in categories; personal, family, partnership, self-care, and professional. I hang the list by my altar where I can see it everyday. It’s very important for me to dream and start my day with an intention. It is also important to realize that dreams come true, sometimes life moves so fast we aren't able to sit with our accomplishments. At the end of the year I reflect and see all that has happened, the intentions that have manifested. It has proven to be a powerful tool in my manifesting magic!!

2. I love to start my day before everyone else wakes up and do my morning yoga practice. “Me time” is crucial in order for me to fill up and give from the overflow. My morning practice is about 30 mins and then I sit/meditate and pull a goddess card. I also pray and ask for guidance. This practice fuels and inspires my day.

3. Getting to the woods or the ocean re-balances me. When my son was first born we would walk in Redwood Regional Park 3 to 5 times a week. It’s so important to unplug and connect with the natural elements.

4. I receive bodywork often. I go to my chiropractor a couple times a month. I also try and go to the Oakland Acupuncture Project 3-4 times a month. I am happy to invest in my body for general self-care maintenance.

5. I LOVE water. Water therapy saves me every time. A visit to the ocean or something as simple as a shower or bath can be very powerful. I think it’s important to wash off the day, people's energy and situations. I even make a lavender spray that I carry with me and spritz myself throughout the day allowing me to stay calm and my skin to stay hydrated.

6. Working out, heating my body up and sweating is crucial to me. It helps me release anything I am holding in my body, helps me sleep better and clears my mind. I love to swim, dance, run the stairs at the lake, yoga, and calisthenics.

7. “Me time” is very important. I was born in the year of the snake and I am very comfortable being alone. This is when I get my greatest ideas and inspiration.

8. I call on my community when I need support.

9. I keep a clean house and get rid of things often. When we let go, we make room for new things to come in. Less is more.

10. Practice gratitude daily.

name your top 3 wellness products, tips, practices...

1. Hot water with lemon in the morning.

2. More sweetness in your life, less sugar.

3. Breathe

complete this sentence: I shine because… I am ALIVE.

find Bethanie @

Instagram: @bhinesphotos

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