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cara cara creamsicle


This nostalgic treat reminds me of sundresses, salt water sandals and sticky orange creamsicle hands...I'm 5 all over again!

* 2 frozen bananas

* 1 frozen cara cara orange

* 1-2 cups vanilla almond mylk

***make your own vanilla mylk

- 2 cups almond mylk

- 2 pitted dates

- ¼ tsp. vanilla bean paste)

blend until smooth.

* add fruit to blender with 1 cup mylk...start blending...slowly pour more mylk for

desired consistency.

* serve as a thick smoothie, a heaping bowl of 'nice cream' or pour into popsicle

molds and freeze until solid.

* makes approx. 16+ oz. increase recipe amount for greater quantity.

enjoy !!!

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