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'get your shine on' feat. Stic and Afya Ibomu

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'get your shine on', a monthly highlight of community mentors, artists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators.... a peek into their lives, their wellness practices/rituals and how they 'get their shine on'


Stic and Afya Ibomu

who are you?


“We are the tag team duo. The Ibomu Clan as we say”

I am one half of this 22 year journey (with Afya)

I am a hip hop artist

I am a distance runner

I am a certified running coach with the RRCA

I am a martial artist

I am all things fitness from a holistic perspective

I am CEO of RBG Fit Club

I am a writer

I am striving to be helpful in the community through whatever interests and talents I may have.

I am moving in all creative ways

My name is Khnum (creator) and Ibomu (perseverance)


I am a holistic nutritionist

I am a published author

*‘The Vegan Soulfood Guide’ to the Galaxy

* 2 crochet books ‘Get Your Crochet On’

* New cookbook ‘The Vegan Remix’ comes out this


*‘Eat Plants, Lift Iron’ (a collaboration with Stic) will be

out this year as well

I am CEO of

I’m a mother of a 13 year old

… “that’s just some of your stuff!” (Stic)

They are co-creators of ‘Love and Fit Hop’, a conversation and interactive presentation on seven health and relationship principles Stic and Afya have cultivated on their 22 year journey together.

what are your personal wellness rituals/practices?


One of mine is definitely getting enough rest. I am the “sleep lady”. I try to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night and I take naps if I need to. Rest to me is recharging just like charging up a low battery on your phone. Meditation is also part of my practice. There are times when I meditate twice a day, everyday for a long time and then there are days when I skip it, but I try to include meditation regularly. We meditate together as a couple and a family from time to time as well.

I drink a lot of water and herbal tea. He (stic) says my blood is half tea, half water. My favorite tea is peppermint; it’s like my coffee. I’ll drink red raspberry leaf if it’s that time of the month. If I need an extra boost for my immune system I’ll do astragalus, echinacea, nettle, dandelion or burdock. Jasmine is another one of my favorites.

I work out with weights and yoga along with swimming and biking in the summer.

Also, I try to do a cleanse with the change of each season. Raw, live, steamed or juice depending on how I feel at the time.


Sage. I’m big on having a bundle of sage with me.

Running is my therapy, my communion, when I give thanks for having feet.

Meditation has been a great maturing tool, dealing with life, learning how to surf on the waves instead of feeling like I’m going to drown.

I also read every night to study and research. It’s my ritual and how I relax.

How we eat is also part of our wellness practice. I’ve been a vegan for many years but I’ve recently added fish to my diet. Eating mostly vegan with some fish and it’s been working for me. I appreciate the balance.


More than just being vegan I would say we try to eat as much whole foods as possible. We don’t do white sugar, we even cut out turbinado and evaporated cane sugar. We do whole grains, not white rice. No one is perfect but in our house that's what we buy. We do organic as much as possible, greens with every meal, including green juices.


A practice we do is giving thanks at every meal. It’s something I honor and I don’t feel like the meal is complete without giving thanks.

We have also started having a family dinner once a month with our extended family (her sister, our mothers, the husbands…) That has been very powerful.

name your top 3 wellness products, tips…


* Shea butter for skin care.

* Drink water (a minimum of 64 oz. a day)

* Eat greens with every meal


“I’ll add 1 more…Breathe. All the time, just remember to breath”

complete this sentence: We shine because… “we polish each other up” ... “but truly, the light is within and we appreciate that light within others and within ourselves. We are about letting that light come through in the works we do.”


@ sticrbg (twitter/fb/instagram)

@ afyaibomu (twitter/fb/instagram)

photo credit: TT Coles

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