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peaches 'n green


If you have a stash of fresh frozen peaches from this summer's harvest (or even if you don't), try this fresh, healthy, dairy-free twist of a sweet, creamy favorite!

peaches 'n green

* 3 cups spinach

* 2 ripe bananas

* 1 cup fresh or frozen peaches

* 2 dates (pitted)

* 3 cups almond mylk (fresh is best)

* 2 tsp. spirulina

* 1/4 tsp cinnamon. nutmeg and vanilla bean powder

***blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

makes approx. 40oz.


spinach- nutrient rich and high in antioxidants. good source of vitamin a, k, b-1 and 6, iron, folate, calcium, magnesium and fiber. alkalizes the body, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol , aids in digestion, improves vision, increases brain function. an excellent option for the ‘green’ in green smoothies as it blends up smooth and quick in the less high powered blenders.

peaches: rich in vitamen C, vit. A, potassium, antioxidants and fiber boosting anti-aging properties, increasing immunity, and helping to remove toxins from the body. Peaches are known to cleanse the kidneys as well as asist in removing parasites from the intestines. Peaches have also been called "the fruit of calmness", helping to reduce stess and anxiety.

bananas: high levels of potassium, magnesium, b-vitamins, antioxidants, helps to stabilize blood sugar, increases calcium absorption, high in fiber, soothes the digestive tract, stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel, produces stress-relieving relaxation, contains high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin -- the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter, strengthens blood and relieves anemia with the added iron

almonds: high in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin help to alkalize the body, help provide good brain function, nourish the nervous system, build strong bones and teeth, reduce heart attack risk

vanilla: known to have a euphoric affect on the brain that soothes emotional tension, reduces anxiety, stress and stimulates circulation. It is also said to have different arousing affects on women and men

dates- a excellent whole food sweetener for live food treats and smoothies. good source of potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, and iron. full of fiber, relieves constipation, boosts energy, supports a healthy nervous system, strengthens tooth enamel, treats anemia, improves eyesight, lowers cholesterol.

cinnamon- high in fiber, calcium, iron, manganese. Reduces blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, boosts brain activity, anti-inflammatory, reduces joint and muscle pain, improves circulation, powerful antioxidant

nutmeg: anti-infammatory, enhances mood, fights depression, induces restful sleep, promotes healthy skin, detoxifies the body, used to treat indigestion, awakens the libido

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