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'get juicy' 7 day detox

Yayyyy! I just completed my 'get juicy' 7 day detox. I was seeking a mini reset as my summer break is coming to a close and I inch back into my teaching position as well as parenting my children through their schooling successes and challenges (different from parenting 'the summer break child'). I decided to dive right into a 7 day detox with not much planning but the intention of 'gettin juicy' in mind, body and spirit by clearing out and nourishing with fresh juices and smoothies, yoga, meditation, time in nature, step away from social media... all of these things are part of my life already but I wanted to pack in all that nourishes me into 1 week and allow cleansing, clearing out and detoxing to take place.

I set the intention to only consume fresh juices and smoothies (smoothies because I like the fiber from the blended fruits and veggies) for 7 days along with increasing my water intake.

I spent about 30min- 1 hour in the morning washing, juicing, blending, cleaning-up....I then had jars of all my juices and smoothies for the day....possibly the next day and didn't have to return to the kitchen for my nourishment again...unless I was preparing food for my children...and WOW!!!! was tempted to nibble while I cooked.....thoughts of soba noodle stir-fry haunted me for days! I did have a few deviations from my 'liquid only' plan...eating a couple bananas or a handful of almonds, a few pieces of the most delicious watermelon. I was fully nourished by the juices and smoothies but the mind is very powerful and cravings for solid foods came to the surface and I wasn't able to resist every time. Despite the few deviations I stuck to 7 days of liquids and felt full of life and energy throughout the day, my skin felt amazing and my thoughts more clear.

My approach with any detox is a wholistic one, so along with fresh juice and smoothies, I continued a consistent yoga practice, spent time daily on my mat in some form of meditation and journaling, pulling cards from my 'dolphin/mermaid' deck that help set the tone and give me a mantra to carry with me through the day. I also made time for a trip to the Redwoods and a visit to a local spa for a much need sweat in the sauna.

I found the social media detox was the most challenging and rewarding part. I realized I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. It's now a "habit" to go to either of these sights. I could pick up my phone to set an alarm or check the weather for the week and would find myself automatically hitting IG and then 5 minutes have passed and forgot why I had originally picked up my phone. It helped to keep my phone in my bag or the other room...if it was away from me I was less likely to slip into my "habit". Now that I wasn't on these sites during my 'down-time' I found myself being far more creative, finishing and starting craft projects I had been sitting on or thinking about for months, clearing my living space of clutter and things I no longer needed. I even experimented with making hemp mylk for the first time as well as many new juice concoctions using seasonal fruits and veggies I picked up from the farmers market.

I was reminded that will power and self-discipline are key elements to any detox, cleanse, working towards a goal, nourishing an intention. I had everything I needed to be successful with this detox, abundant fruits and veggies, tools to make my juices and smoothies, time to prep and plan, a light schedule...and I was still tempted. It was my strong will and discipline that allowed me move through 7 days, let go of habits, cleanse and rebuild healthier ways of moving through the day. Give thanks!

Contact me if you would like support creating a personalized 7 day 'get juicy' detox.

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