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'get your shine on' feat. Rachel-Anne Palacios

'get your shine on', a monthly highlight of community mentors, artists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators.... a peek into their lives, their wellness practices/rituals and how they 'get their shine on'.

name: Rachel-Anne Palacios

who are you?

I am an artist, mother of two, a teacher, partner of 20+ years and a healer. My main art includes but is not limited to folk art, specializing in tin shrine boxes (nichos), henna body art and creating ofrendas/altars or offerings to our ancestors. what is your personal wellness practice?

My spiritual practice is a great part of my wellness practice. I started cultivating a strong spiritual practice that helped me to stay emotionally well when I lost a close friend in high school. My grandmother 'Nana Rose' took me under her wing and guided me to honor the spirit of my friend by going to the cemetery, bringing flowers, cleaning/clearing his grave site. The ritual of weekly, monthly, yearly visits to the cemetery was a way to keep our ancestors happy. It was also within that year that I would learn about Dia de los Muertos, building altars and making offerings to those who had passed way. I began to build on the things my grandmother shared with me and through learning the tradition of Dia de los Muertos I grew a stronger practice of creating altars and offerings for ancestors. This practice evolved into sharing with not only my family but the larger community which included teaching and leading tours at the Oakland Museum of California. I have come to recognize the importance of my ancestors strength, courage, compassion for life, caring for family, friends and many others. Their story and what they went through lives in me and by having a spiritual practice that honors them helps to keep me strong and balanced. I have a central altar and smaller altars throughout my home. Altars have even made their way into my hospital birthing rooms for both of my children, decorated with pictures, flowers and art. I go to my altars in the morning and evening or whenever I need guidance and support. I am grateful for the connection I have to the spirit of my ancestors.

I also exercise regularly, eat clean, practice Aztec dancing as a form of meditation and connection to my roots. I enjoy serving my community by sharing my knowledge of art and California history at the Oakland Museum of California. name your top 3 wellness products and/or rituals:

*build an altar to honor and connect with your ancestors and loved ones

*unfiltered apple cider vinegar (take a tablespoon in the morning or add to apple juice, use

on sauteed greens...)

*moving your body everyday...........and hydrate with lots of water! complete this sentence: I shine because....I have stayed true to who I am!

*find Rachel at

*on facebook @ Rachel-Anne Palacios

***photo credit: Bakak Gholamhossein

taken July 2012

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