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'get your shine on' feat. Karen Seneferu

'get your shine on', a monthly highlight of community artists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers.... a peek into their lives, their wellness practices/rituals and how they 'get their shine on'

name: Karen Seneferu

who are you? I am a daughter, mother, grandmother, wife, activist, and artist. The order of these categories shift depending on the need. My life's work which represents taking on these existences is to heal. So whether I am spending time with family, friends, students, or art, I am attempting as best I can to address the hurt to heal.

what is your personal wellness practice? My personal wellness practice is to listen to my body, aches, pains, desires, needs for nutrients, and I work to facilitate what is best. That doesn't always work, but I try to hear my body and slowly heal it, especially now in the time of the horse where I can feel pressure to gallop towards healing. Slow is best for me. I like to get away from the city when I can to do a spa day. This is important to self healing, especially since my jobs are so demanding. Also, because I am so busy, art is my meditation. When I need to get out of my head, I create. Meditation is art. If one can mediate, one is in the act of creating.

name your top 3 wellness products/rituals: castor oil, shea butter, and vtamin e for the face and the body. Also, I love to juice, I especially do this when I am feeling imbalanced.

complete this sentence: i shine because.... the Creator wants me to be a reflection.

*find Karen at

karen seneferu @ facebook and tumblr

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