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spring is almost here...the season of growth, newness, emergence, blossoming creative expression..... From seed to sprout... it's amazing what can happen in 5 days...grown inside the tiny little space that is my kitchen...I love growing things...being part of this practice in science is so life affirming. Sprouting is a simple and highly nutritious way to grow your own food without having the outdoor yard space to do so.

Sprouts are rich in essential nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin K. Also rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorous , magnesium, potassium , manganese , and calcium. They are full of live enzymes making them easier to digest and a great source of protein...yes protein...depending on what you are sprouting they can provide up to 35% of your daily protein.

Simple steps to 'grow something':

*cover bottom of 1 quart mason jar with alfalfa seeds

*cover seeds with water, screw on "sprouting top"and soak overnight

*drain water and place tilted jar in kitchen ( away from direct sunlight)

*2-3 times per day rinse seeds with water and tilt to drain. Repeat daily for 4-5 days

*once sprouts have grown with tiny leaves rinse one final time, rising away any hulls

*place in sunny window for a few hours to 'green up' your sprouts.

*store in fridge, start the cycle again so you have a fresh supply of sprouts available


Check out for more details on how to sprout

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