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*flower essences contain subtle energies that will support the emotional aspects of oneself bringing about emotional wellbeing, inner balance. Each flower essence addresses a different aspect of our emotions and offers


*UCHŪ BOTANICAL essences are mindfully made using the living or direct method with local, wild or medicinal pollinator garden blooms, fresh spring water, sunlight (occasionally moonlight), love and healing intentions.



GRACE borage flower essence

  • *brings courage and optimism *uplifting and encouraging *emotionally cleanses and rebalances *supports change and transformation *restores faith *helps one with “the blues” * relieves physical, emotional and spiritual heaviness *helps honor and integrate deeper feelings of grief, loss and depression *helps one dislodge long held grief, anger, hurt * invites in lightness and possibility


    borage (borago officinalis) flower essence


    .5oz dropper bottle

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