Tamu Mosley is a mother of 3, a yogi of 20+ years, a teacher, a kitchen alchemist, and a utilitarian artist. She was introduced to a vegan life style in 1995 and quickly became passionate about a wholistic approach to this new way of eating and living.  It not only became about what she put in her body by way of healthy non-meat and non-dairy foods but also became about what she put on her body, in her environment, what she allowed in her mind…She realized that this was a lifestyle, not just what she ate, and wanted to live it as wholistically as possible. Along with creating nourishing meals she began mixing up natural skin care products for herself and her family. At age 30 (10+ years ago) Tamu did her first 21-day detox.  This opened up a whole new layer of the wholistic approach to wellness and now has incorporated cleansing and detoxing into her daily,  weekly and seasonal practice.  Over the years Tamu’s personal wholistic wellness practice has grown and changed as she has learned more of what nourishes her body, mind and spirit best.  This over time has evolved into a mostly raw, plant based diet that includes daily delicious green smoothies and homemade nut mylks, a consistent yoga practice and continuing to be inspired by other wellness warriors around the globe who are growing and expanding with the needs of their body, their community and the environment.  She continues to move with passion for health and wellness so that she can continue to serve and empower others who seek to live a more whole, balanced, healthy way of life.

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