June 17, 2015


I LOVE wraps!

Many countries around the world feature various delicious wraps as part of their cuisine and I love them all!...Lumpia, spring rolls, samosa, shawarma, falafel, roti, dolmas, empenadas, crepes, sushi… and the list goes on.  Something about all the textures, flavors and sauces all contained in one neat (sometimes messy) compartment satisfies more than my tastebuds.  It only stands to reason that I would bring this love...

May 8, 2015



live arugula basil pesto


* 1 cup soaked almonds (soak minimum of 4 hours)    

* 2 cloves peeled garlic

* 1 bunch basil (leaves)                               

* juice of 1 lemon

* 1 cup arugula...

February 15, 2015


in the spirit of love, passion and all things yummy pt.2...



meyer lemon vanilla rose crustless “cheesecake” w/ raspberry rose sauce




* 2 cups raw soaked cashews (soak for minimum 4 hours)

* 1 Tbs meyer lemon zest (uses grater to zest 2 of your 3 lemons…save lemons for juice)

* 1/2 cup meyer lemon juice (approx. 3 small lemons)

* 1/2 cup coconut oil (liquefied)

* 1/2 cup raw coconut palm nectar (grade b maple syrup, honey, a...

January 11, 2015

This simple creation is the perfect raw cream to dress up any salad....


I love creating alchemy in my kitchen, playing with a few simple ingredients and coming up with something nourishing and delicious.  I highly encourage you to play around and experiment with what ingredients speak to you.  Parsley can be substituted for cilantro or basil, cashews for macadamia or sunflower seeds.....


* 1 cup soaked raw cashews (drain from so...

October 28, 2014



If you have a stash of fresh frozen peaches from this summer's harvest (or even if you don't), try this fresh, healthy, dairy-free twist of a sweet, creamy favorite!


peaches 'n green

* 3 cups spinach

* 2 ripe bananas

* 1 cup fresh or frozen peaches

* 2 dates (pitted)

* 2 cups almond mylk (fresh is best)

* 1 cup water OR coconut water (for extra sweetness)

* 1/4 tsp cinnamon. nutmeg and vanilla bean powder


***blend all ingredients until sm...

August 15, 2014


Why a “green” smoothie?  I have been making healthy, nourishing fruit smoothies for a long time. I only discovered the power of the green smoothies a few years ago when a friend, Nubia Sutton (author of My Raw Life) introduced me to this amazing option for taking in more green food.  Greens are filled with chlorophyll and are extremely alkalizing. They are high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber, and are excellent for detoxify...

June 12, 2014

A simple reworking of an Italian antipasto (starter) that's raw, dairy-free and oh so tasty!


live caprese

*3 large heirloom tomatoes

*8 large basil leaves chopped

*oilve oil (high quality is best...your tastebuds will thank you!)

*1 cup cashew "cheese" (see recipe below)


*thinly slice tomatoes and place on large plate. place small a dollop of "cheese" in middle of tomato. sprinkle with chopped basil. drizzle with olive oil. 


***feel fre...

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