February 26, 2016






raw cacao coconut mousse


* 2 cups young coconut meat (approx. 2 young coconuts)


* 1 cup avocado (approx. 1 large avocado)


* ½ cup pitted dates (or more for desired sweetness)


* 5 Tbs raw cacao powder


* ½ tsp. sea salt


* 2/3 cup coconut water  (or more for desired texture)


*** Open two young coconuts. Pour coconut water into bowl and set aside for later use.  Scrape out the young coconut meat and place in blender (should be about...

May 8, 2014

Here is a healthy, natural, antioxidant rich reinvention of a classic chocolate malt shake. I remember my morning ritual in high school was to drink a big glass of cow’s milk with ‘carnation instant breakfast’. They advertised this powdered substance as “breakfast nutrition”. I really thought I making a healthy choice and doing something good for my body. Check out the ingredients below…advertising is very powerful!!!!


Carnation Brea...

March 9, 2014


matcha and almond butter cup banana "ice cream"


there was a lot of buzz about the picture I posted of the yummy almond butter banana "ice cream" i created a few days ago.  as a delicious soothing comfort food we are drawn to sweet and creamy treats.  I decided to play with more frozen bananas and see what yummy deliciousness I could come up with.  this frozen banana treat is an excellent clean, simple ,"dairy free" alternative to i...

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